2 upcoming solo exhibitions, opening Tuesday September 5th, 2017 :

– Nicolas Kozakis ‘Ferrari Rosso Berlinetta Perl 266154

– Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen ‘Marauding in Molenbeek

(both exhibitions will be on view until September 30, 2017)


Microsoft Word - transport and works list 'Marauding in Molenbee

installation view (simulation) by Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen


Nicolas Kozakis, ‘Porsche 25H Libelltuerkis Met, 2017, car paint on icon (walnut wood), 45 x 31 x 4,5 cm



October 27 until December 13, 2017 :

project in collaboration with CC Strombeek:  ‘L EAR ning from DOCUMENTA’

(more info soon)