Nancy Slangen

Nancy Slangen (°1966) lives and works in Hasselt.

Nancy Slangen makes collages and paintings. The result of her collages are reproductions in large format, she also combines the printed collage with painting and makes paintings ‘pur sang’.

Her paintings depict images between reality, childhood and fantasy. Recurring aspects in het works include her youth and the fascination with dolls.
As a DJ, she samples her images to create context. The images enter into dialogue with one another and usually also give an alienating connotation.

Her work is about memory, the process of change through time. The past fades, distorts or disappears. Memories are always influenced by emotions that accompany the original experience. A memory can be invoked by photos, music, fragrance, objects, people, places, events, …


SLANGEN - Scientific_Research_2016_140x170cm

SLANGEN - Clocks_100x80cm_2014