Michaël De Clercq

Michaël De Clercq draws inspiration from everyday objects, recurring or vivid dreams, experiences and memories from the past.

He likes to create scenes. These take different forms in a constant search for balance. They communicate with themselves, with others and with their environment. They often float, other times they are subjected to fierce gravity, fall or lean against each other to ultimately result in a faded reality, an alternative memory.

Michael works directly from his memory as much as possible, often prepares sketches and tries not to look too much at additional existing images. In this way he obtains a stilled version of his first impression or memory that becomes intertwined with his thoughts of the moment during the painting process.

His first solo exhibition ‘My eyes got diverted again’ is built around this theme. The title refers to those moments when your attention is diverted from the center of attention to what you did not notice at first. Those sudden moments, thoughts or objects that unexpectedly demand your attention. A total of 11 medium-sized oil paint canvases, two smaller canvases and six drawings are shown.

Michaël De Clercq was born in Antwerp, in 1981, and obtained his ‘Master in Painting’ at the KASK in Antwerp. He lives and works in Antwerp.


DECLERCQ - This_is_what_she_does_2019_100x120cm



DECLERCQ - Relaxing_stroll_after_day_at_the_beach_2019_130x150cm


DECLERCQ - No questions asked_2019_100x120cm


DECLERCQ - Bricks&Rocks_2017_50x60cm


DECLERCQ - Re-encountering_in_the_streets_of_Paris_2019_120x150cm

DECLERCQ - Common_time_2019_120x150cm

DECLERCQ - Man-op-strand_2019_100x120xm





DECLERCQ - The_event_horizon_2019_120x100cm

DECLERCQ - DancingOnThePinaColada_100x120cm

DECLERCQ - BlueCarpet_100x120cm






DECLERCQ - The Skirt_30x40cm_DRAWING

DECLERCQ - Sketch_Model #3_30x40cm_DRAWING

DECLERCQ - Bending Over Backwards_30x40cm_DRAWING

DECLERCQ - Sketch for 'Dancing on the pina colada'30x40cm_DRAWINGDECLERCQ - Sketch_Model #1_DRAWING







2019 /
“My eyes got diverted again’ solo exhibition at Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels

2018 /
“The Human Condition”, duo show with Tom Poelmans, Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels
“The Spring Art Salon”, L’Ancienne Nonciature, Rue des Sablons 7, Brussels

2017 /
Group expo, “You don’t need an app to experience the real thing”, Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels
Group expo, Kunst/Werk #4, Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse, Plein Public, Antwerp

2015 /
“Provoking the unreal”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerpen
Nema Tog Podruma 5: Gramme Vrijdag, F44(sic), Borgerhout
“Oh Dear”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai, Antwerpen
“Bamaan, maanis, chamaan, komaan”, factor 44, Borgerhout
“A belgian politician”, marion de canniere art space, Antwerpen
“The walk of giants”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerpen

2014 /
“Nema Tog Podruma 4”: Papa Bingo, F44(sic), Borgerhout
“Magma crowded”, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerpen
“Nema Tog Podruma 3”: F44(sic), Borgerhout

2013 /
“Time To Pretend”, Diestsestraat 253, Leuven,
“Magma 5”, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerpen
“Magma 4”, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerpen

2012 /
“Magma 3”, Hardenvoort, Antwerpen
“Magma 2”, Hardenvoort, Antwerpen

2011 /
“Magma 1”, Hardenvoort, Antwerpen

2009 /
Prijs voor Schilderkunst Burgemeester Camille Huysmans, Antwerpen (selected)

2008 /
Gaverprijs, CC De schakel,Waregem (selected)
Expo Cartoon’s – Cinema, Antwerpen
Expo, Campus Drie Eiken,Wilrijk

2007 /
Horlait-Dapsens Foundations (laureaat)