current exhibition

October 24 – December 12, 2020
Agree to Disagree, A group show curated by Nils Verkaeren.

Arena: an activity that involves argument or discussion
Area: a particular part of a place, piece of land or country

Landscapes will always be the same, but the eyes that behold them will differ.
This again is the case with the selected artists from ARE(N)A.
By phisicalizing their observations and reflections on their surroundings they transform the gallery into an arena: a place that evoces a discussion between artists and spectators. An area where we are free to observe through our own eyes.

Selected artists:
Yves Beaumont, Jean-Marie Bytebier, Marie Cloquet, Stijn Cole, Lola Prima Donna Daels, Bert Danckaert, Peter de Cupere, Charlie De Voet, Adelheid De Witte, Niels Donckers, Karin Hanssen, Jan Kempenaers, Nicolas Kozakis, Rik Moens, Juan Rodriguez Varon, Charles-Henry Sommelette, Joost vandebrug, Fik Van Gestel, Kathleen Vinck, Tim Volckaert 



Lola Prima Donna Daels – Nicolas Kozakis


Kathleen Vinck – Charles-Henry Sommelette – Jan Kempenaers




Peter de Cupere – Marie Cloquet



Joost vandebrug



Yves Beaumont – Juan Rodriguez Varon – Rik Moens – Charlie De Voet



Fik Van Gestel – Bert Danckaert



Tim Volckaert



Adelheid De Witte - Karin Hanssen - Charlie De Voet

Adelheid De Witte – Karin Hanssen – Charlie De Voet