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Nicolas Kozakis ‘The gyrovague who smelled gold and platinum’

Oscar van der Put ‘Traced Process’


the exhibition runs until April 6, 2019




paintings by Oscar van der Put



KOZAKIS - Face_2018,gold-leaves-and-stone-from-beach-at-mount-Atos,15x23x7cm

Nicolas Kozakis, ‘Face’, 2018, gold leaves and stone from Ouranoupolis, 15 x 23 x 7 cm

KOZAKIS- PLATINUM_pure-platinum-on-wood(lime)50x40cm_2018

Nicolas Kozakis, ‘Platinum’, 2018, pure platinum on wood, 50 x 40 cm


Nicolas Kozakis, 2018, platinum leaf and frame, 76 x 101,50 cm

KOZAKIS - DETAIL_Star-flakes_platinum-leaves-and-frame_76 x 101,5cm

DETAIL of ‘Star flakes’ platinum leaf and frame

VANDERPUT - Olitski3_tempera-on-linen_40x35cm

Oscar van der Put, ‘Olitski #3′, 2018, tempera and oil paint on linen, 40 x 35 cm

VANDERPUT - Untitled?_oil-and-gesso-on-canvas_63x45cm

Oscar van der Put, ‘Untitled #17′, epoxy, gesso and oil paint on linen, 63 x 45 cm

VANDERPUT - Zonder-titel#15_2017_62x39cm_DSC_6025

Oscar van der Put, ‘Untitled #15′, 2017, tempera on linen, 62 x 39 cm

VANDERPUT - Blue_Violet_2018_20x30,5cm

Oscar van der Put, ‘Blue violet’, 2018, gesso and oil paint on linen (stretched over wooden panel), 20 x 30,3 cm